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Leta Stark

Leta Stark
Photo of Leta Stark

Leta Stark began a hobby of engraving on glass in 2002 and soon realized that she needed a method of hanging her work. She took a one day stained glass course and combined it with her love of freehand engraving. Using a diamond point and a cordless Dremel tool she works under a lighted magnifying glass to achieve the desired detail, some engravings can take eight hours or more to do. Local area landmarks, homes, pets and personalized pieces are her favorites to engrave. She then frames the engraved pieces with stained glass in an array of colours and many differing frame types making each panel unique. Leta has also made some 3-D pieces.

Leta enjoys working on nautical themed pieces, drawing inspiration from her love of the Islands and surrounding areas, she also enjoys working with her clients and getting their input in custom creations they want made. She has taught many how to make their own panels and offers classes to ages 10 and up.

Leta treasures any time spent with her family and other interests include textile crafting like knitting, sewing and quilting, also photography, genealogy and documenting local history.

Leta’s work has been shown in multiple craft shows, area shops and online. Presently her work is being exhibited in Gallery 217 in Freeport. You can also find her work on her facebook page, Fundy Vista Arts.

Freehand engraving captured my interest a number of years ago, I love the unforgiving nature of it and went in to the craft of stained glass from there. Combining the two skills makes for a very unique art form that can be easily customized. I find step-by-step methodology of stained glass relaxing and can easily lose track of time working on a detailed engraving.

Leta Stark
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