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Kathy Cossaboom-Best

Flour Cove Rocks, by Kathy Cossaboom-Best
acrylic on canvas, 16″ x 20″
Kathy Cossaboom-Best

Kathy Cossaboom-Best was born and raised in Tiverton and graduated from Islands Consolidated School. She has had no professional training in art although her father often said that she was born with a crayon in her hand! She has worked with many different mediums but usually returns to acrylics. Kathy presently lives in Brookfield, Colchester County but returns to her home on the Island frequently. She is married with one daughter and three grandchildren. 

Kathy exhibited her work at Upper Clements Park for several years as well as a gift store on the waterfront in Digby along with local shops. Kathy’s other interests include photography and her Personalized Greeting Cards have been sold in several stores in the Truro area. An animal lover and until 7 years ago was the 12th top breeder of Nubian goats in Canada.

Many people think that growing up on Long Island was an isolated life. Quite the opposite, as you knew and loved your neighbours and had a strong sense of belonging. No matter where I have lived, when I cross the ferry and drive up the ferry slip a sense of peace overcomes me and I know I am home.. Always an Island girl “born of the land, forged by the sea!

Kathy Cossaboom-Best
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