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About Our Gallery

Gallery 217 is a showcase of eclectic work by artists along the 217 Highway in Southwest Nova Scotia, including the communities of Long Island, Brier Island, and Digby Neck. More than 40 artists – established artists as well as up and coming artists -share the space, making a dynamic blend of genres and media. There‚Äôs something for everyone! 

Opened in August 2018, our gallery is owned by the Freeport Community Development Association (FCDA) , a nonprofit organization, and a portion of our proceeds goes back into our communities – funding social, economic, and cultural programs.

You can read a great article about our gallery published in the Chronicle Herald on August 19, 2019 here.

All art is storytelling, and Gallery 217 brings those stories together in a rich volume that speaks about our culture and history here in this very specific geography.

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