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Monica Stark

Monica Stark is the Freeport-based artist behind Mackerel Sky Jewelry – earthy, organic jewelry with a focus on sustainable and recycled material. Her work has been featured on CTV news, fashion blogs, and is in collections around the world.

She also works in watercolours, ink, and acrylic.

“Living on a small island, my life and my art are primarily influenced by the land, sea, and sky and the transformations that occur in the liminal spaces between them. Turning skeins of dirty and discarded electrical wire into complex and elegant decorative objects feels like magic to me and brings me so much joy.

Monica is also the curator and director of Gallery 217, and she has a strong passion for sharing the rich culture of her home with others.

“All art is storytelling, and Gallery 217 brings those stories together in a rich volume that speaks about our culture and history here in this very specific geography.”

Artist’s website:
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