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Katharine Prime

Island Hangout, by Katharine Prime
acrylic on canvas, 20″ x 16″

Katharine Prime grew up on Long Island, and it’s still the home of her heart. She is entirely self-taught, and fell in love with art when she discovered crayons.

Katharine most often paints scenes from her childhood growing up in a fishing village ina family of fishermen, but she also does commission work of abstracts, still life, and pet portraits. She is noted for her photo-realism with high detail work and lots of saturated colour. Katharine began painting in oils, but now works in acrylics almost exclusively.

Katharine’s work is in private collections in France, England, Italy, Denmark, and across Canada and the United States. You can find her work at Gallery 217, at the Ice House Gift Shop in Westport, and at her facebook page, Kapri Art.

I don’t believe art necessarily needs to deliver a message from the artist but I hope my pieces trigger certain emotions or memories for the viewer.

Katharine Prime
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